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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who Makes The Best Skim Board?

Ever since I can remember riding boards of all kinds, it’s always been very important to me to be riding the best. That’s why I am currently riding the new Exile Carbon. This board rides very fast and gives the feeling that you are actually being propelled into the waves. I remember back in the days riding glass wrapped foam core boards which is fine if you 10 and then gradually saving up money and buying new boards. From glass wrapped to carbon, I feel you need the right equipment for the job.

I’ve rode almost all brands out there, I think I’ve owned close to 5 different vics, getting them fixed every time they would snap, sometimes snapping three times in different spots on the board. I really feel this new Exile is the best, and I hope it holds up for a couple years.

Take our poll (it's above this post) and check the board you like most.

Thank you, SDSS!!!

I leave you with a Mini Movie from the pro skimboarder Brandon Sears, a production by exile skimboards.


RSR said...

I put in My vote. Exiles are the BEST fo-sho!!!

RSR said...

My Best Friend has taken Brent's SDSKIMSCHOOL course.
My friend came back and is soooo much better now. He was pulling all kinds of sweet tricks and he just took ONE class with SDSKIMSCHOOL..
Im gonna come with some friends soon and take the course too... see you soon..

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post.. I too took his course and he was the coolest guy that the class wasn't like a class, it was more like just hanging out and having fun...Ill be back ASAP !!!!

Anonymous said...

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