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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Places To Skimboard in San Diego

Being a skimboarder and having lived in San Diego for a few years now, I have search the shores for the best skimming locations. Believe it or not SD actually has some pretty good spots. Below I have listed my favorite skimboarding locations.

La Jolla Cove: just in front of La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Arts. Down the cliffs. Great spot, no crowds, skim during high tide for best conditions. Sometimes the wave will rebound of south wall for a great side wave. Similar to West Street in Laguna.

Marine St./La Jolla: down the twisting roads of South La Jolla is Marine st. known for its shore-breaking pounders, this spot is great during high tide. If you can catch it during a strong south swell it is like our own Aliso Beach.

Tamarack/Carlsbad: My home break. Everything i could ever ask for but only during high tide. Long stretch of beautiful beach, shore breakers, and beach goers. Be careful during summer months because the crowds get pretty large. If you are looking to paddle out and catch some waves then this spot is excellent during low tide.

Please add any skimming locations that you know of in San Diego that I might have missed...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips dude!

J. U. said...

Brent is the man! SD Skim School has really improved my skimming skills.
J. U.

J.M said...

SD skim school is AMAZING. Before taking lessons, I didn't even know what a skim board looked like. Now I know all the basics and am still very much improving. I wouldn't mind taking classes again. Very informative. Also the instuctor was extremely friendly, didnt make me feel like an idiot for being a girl who can't skim. He is also very CUTE. High Five Brent Heemstra!!!

Dan said...

Brent, you make skimming look so easy and fun! I can't wait until summer!

AJ said...

nice spot that i like to skim is north oceanside inbetween the pier and the harbor, kind of near surfrider dr. and another nice place i love to hit up is Dstreet in encinitas a little bit left to that area there is this amazing spot